Younger and Younger

This is the script that I always felt had the most potential. I stopped writing it because the story needed a character that would threaten Derek’s relationship with his wife. One of my ideas was to create a former boyfriend of Beth's who shows up in the second act to challenge Derek for her attention. When I started writing this script, I was in the middle of filming my first independent film The Good Life, so it was also a case of bad timing.

Younger & Younger was heavily influenced by 1983's Twilight Zone: The Movie, which featured four separate stories by four different directors. The second and third ones were always my favorites.

The second segment, directed by Steven Spielberg, was called Kick the Can. A group of elderly residents at a retirement home play a magical game of Kick the Can which turns them into little kids for the night. I really liked the story and always felt that so much more could have been done with the premise and theme of staying young at heart. My script for Younger & Younger follows a group of couples with marriage problems to a tropical island where they are magically transported back to childhood.

I would love to finish this script. Here are the first fifteen pages for Younger & Younger

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