About the Scripts

All of the scripts are presented in chronological order, each with an introduction. This is the first time some of them are being read by anyone. They cover various genres and are unique to their inspirations.  

I was always told to write what you know. Most of my early scripts were very personal and my later ones ventured into new territory, but there is one strong connection to them all. They were heavily influenced by movies from a very specific time in my life, primarily the eighties, but more on that later.

The scripts are presented as close to original form as possible, but I did remove any inappropriate language to keep this book suitable for all ages. There is something else that I found all over my early work. I had the tendency to use words ending in “-ing.” For example, I would often say, "He is standing at the door.” I corrected it to say, "He stands at the door." It just flows better.

Other than that, the scripts are exactly as I wrote them, but there is one more thing readers will notice: the absence of technology. Most of the scripts in this book were written twenty years ago, so there were no cell phones or internet. A lot of plot twists would be much different if a character carried a cell phone, so these scripts would need to be modernized.

The Last Pilgrimage: A college student travels through time and gets a chance to save his grandfather.

Safely Home: A brain transplant brings two friends together again.

Capital Punishment: Lawyers. Guns. Money. Time travel.

Cracking Heads: The Outsiders meet the Boyz N the Hood.

Dead on the Fourth of July: A woman confesses to a grisly crime as a race for hidden money begins.

The Missing Years: Two childhood friends are reunited after high school.

The Fest: Multiple lives intersect in one weekend at a music festival.

The Breathing Sequel: After suffering a head injury, an actor confuses his movies with reality.

Younger & Younger: Divorcing couples travel to a magical island where they become kids again.

The Good Life: The Breakfast Club meets Goodfellas.

Beer Goggles: After falling into a vat of beer as a child, a college student discovers he has super powers when he turns twenty-one.

A Halfway House Christmas: A spoof of reality television set in a halfway house during the holidays.

My Little Trainwreck: When a movie star arrives in a small town, she is assigned a “babysitter” to keep her out of trouble.

School Spirits: The Sixth Sense in a high school.