Beer Goggles

While Beer Goggles might seem like a completely immature title and script, the story actually has a message about alcoholism. I don’t remember exactly how I came up with the idea, but it was almost called Beer Muscles.

The script begins with a brief history of beer, then shows a young Lance Logger falling into a vat of beer at a brewery. On his twenty-first birthday, Lance learns that the beer he fell in was chemically altered and exposed to radiation, leading to some very interesting side effects. A spoof of superhero movies, this unfinished script would have featured a battle between Lance and his arch nemesis, The Barfly.

After going back and reading it, I found a subtle connection to my personal life that I did not notice before. Throughout the story, Lance tries to reunite his divorced parents. My parents got divorced when I was in my early twenties, so maybe that’s what inspired some of the storylines in both Beer Goggles and Younger & Younger.

A quote opens the screenplay, which is something to avoid, but I like this one, so I’m leaving it. Here are the opening scenes from Beer Goggles.

CLICK HERE to read this script excerpt.

The following scene takes place on Lance’s twenty-first birthday when he receives a mysterious package in the mail.

CLICK HERE to read this script excerpt.