Aloha, Mr. Moyer

I already mentioned Miss Picone and Frank Heying. 

Mr. Ahern gave me the assignment that led to my first documentary about my grandfather called Daddy George. For three years in high school, Miss Wroblewski (now Mrs. Wright) helped me appreciate fine art. Mr. Kralik taught the creative writing class where I wrote a spec script for the television show The Wonder Years. Mr. Timmer’s anthropology class led to my first short film Stonehenge. Professor Allan Barber showed me how to analyze film in new ways and Eran Preis helped me develop my short film Dad Never Did Like Cats.

Teachers played such an important role in my life that it was only natural for me to become one. No matter how successful I could ever be at filmmaking, I will always have an underlying passion for teaching. If I could somehow inspire kids the way my teachers inspired me, that is more important than writing a successful movie.

Shortly after my daughter was born, I looked into various teaching programs at local universities. Online classes were not an option when I first attended college, so the idea of going back to school became much more realistic, but I quickly found out that Pennsylvania is one of the strictest states in the country as far as the requirements for a teaching certificate. It would have cost me $30,000 over 3 years of additional classes to get a certificate to teach in Pennsylvania.  

However, with a Bachelor's Degree, it is fairly easy to get a teaching certificate in the state of New Jersey. The only stipulation is that your initial degree must be in the subject area that you want to teach, which in my case, would be video and television production.

Six months later, after spending a small amount of money on state fees and one online course, I received my Certificate of Eligibility to teach in New Jersey. I can apply for teaching jobs, but if I am hired, I will be assigned a mentor and must go through a probationary period. If I teach in New Jersey for three years, my certificate can be transferred to any other state in the country, including Pennsylvania. 

Right now, I am happy with my regular job and the field that I work in. However, if the day should ever come, I have lots of ideas to bring to a school district and already have many lesson plans prepared. 

Preferably for a school district near Ocean City.