Wherever You Are, That’s the Place To Be

By the time you are reading this, what will have changed?

Did I find a new investor for School Spirits? Are there new episodes of Wilber the Cat? Am I teaching video production at a high school in New Jersey? Are Allison and I married yet? Do I have more children? Did someone else close to me pass away? Am I even still alive?

As I think about the endless possibilities, it brings me back to the Choose Your Own Adventure book UFO 54-40 and the search for Ultima.  

How did I get here? 

I'm not really sure how. There was no direct path, but everything I mentioned in this book played a part in how I got here. I found my Ultima. Even if I never make another feature film, that's okay, because the only movie footage that really matters to me is the daily video I make of my daughter. And nobody can ever take that away from me or give it a bad review.

I'll always remember showing Michelle the ocean. She looked at it with such awe and wonder. As she held my hand, and we looked out into the horizon, I thought about what lies ahead, not just for me, but for her. There's something special about seeing the ocean for the very first time. When Michelle is older, she can watch this video and will always remember it, every time she goes back to Ocean City.

You don’t know how you got to this page, but you are here. At 144 feet high, you are on one of the largest ferris wheels on the east coast. You are descending into Wonderland, a place of inspiration for all ages, and can see the ocean, boardwalk and entire town of Ocean City, NJ.